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Life After Lessons

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By TwistED Teaching educational consulting company, LLC.

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Alexes M. Terry


As a wife, mom of 4, and educator, with over a decade of experience in education, I know and have personally experienced the mental, emotional, and physical impact working in education can have on a person. Add being a mom, person of color, and woman to an already stressful position and it's easy to understand why women educators are chunking the deuces to a profession many of us love and work hard improve. Like you, I believe in the power of education to disrupt systems of oppression that cause harm in our society. That's why I've been in this profession for so long. But what happens when working in education feels to chip away at you each and everyday.

Women, and definitely women of color, are world changers--especially when we have the space to show up as our REAL and fulfillED selves. Tapping in the same strength women have relied on to raise families and lead movements, we can and WILL change the American education system, especially for Black and Brown children. However, to do this, we must first change the way we care for ourselves.

That's what Life After Lessons is all about--providing women educators with access to holistic wellness care rooted in integrative nutrition and culturally responsive practice. Why? Because we can't be culturally responsive with others if we're not culturally responsive with ourselves, first.

We got students, families, communities, and movements depending on us. But we gotta show up for ourselves before we can continue to show up for others. Join me on a wellness journey. Are you ready to live a fulfillED life before, during, and after the lessons?


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our services

Supplementation support

Supplements are a great way to enhance your wellness routine. Using high quality plant-based Alexes is skilled in guiding women in how to use supplements to improve their quality of life.

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1:1 Wellness coaching

1:1 coaching session with Alexes are designed with YOU and your goals in mind. During each session, you will revisit your goals, celebrate your wins, and unpack anything that getting in your way of success. Each session will close with clear action steps and resources to move your closer to a experiencing a healthier version of you.

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When is the last time you've explored your health history, with a trained wellness professional? During this FREE consultation, Alexes will review your health history and identity areas of your life that are keeping you from your optimal self.

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Monthly master class

Not ready for 1:1 wellness sessions? No problem! Monthly Master classes are what you need. During these Monthly courses, Alexes will unpack a wellness topic, guide your through how to take action in your personal (or professional life) and equip you with tons of resources and practices to move you closer to your wellness goals.


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there's more to life after the lessons

Join the life after lessons wellness community

It's easier to reach your goals when you're in community and that's exactly what you'll get through through our 12 week wellness program for educators.

In education, we constantly hear about loving our students and being real with them (I actually wrote a book on it). However, has anyone considered the daily challenges educators face loving themselves or showing up as their real selves in the midst of all of the madness?

This 90 day program is for your if you're ready to move from frustradED, with all the things, and ready to live a fulfillED life where showing up as your best self, daily, is the norm and not dependent on the cultural or climate of our beloved professions.


  • 1:1 health history

  • weekly 60 min. group sessions

  • 90 day wellness journal

  • Session recording/Notes

  • text/email accountability support

  • session handout/resources

  • access to real love course modules (Student & Educator edition)



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